Brian Eno : Reflection

Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

REFLECTION is the most recent of my Ambient experiments and represents the most sophisticated of them so far. My original intention with Ambient music was to make endless music, music that would be there as long as you wanted it to be. I wanted also that this music would unfold differently all the time - ‘like sitting by a river’: it’s always the same river, but it’s always changing. But recordings - whether vinyl, cassette or CD - are limited in length, and replay identically each time you listen to them. So in the past I was limited to making the systems which make the music, but then recording 30 minutes or an hour and releasing that. REFLECTION in its album form - on vinyl or CD - is like this. But the app by which REFLECTION is produced is not restricted: it creates an endless and endlessly changing version of the piece of music.

Brian Eno

Update February 2017

As a result of the Brexit-related fall in value of the British pound Apple have increased the prices of all apps sold in the UK by 25%. While we always intended REFLECTION to be a premium priced app, we feel this increase makes it too expensive, so we will take the hit in order to keep the British price to the consumer at its original level. In other territories this decision will translate into a reduced price for the app.

As a thank you to anyone who has paid the higher original price for the app, we are making available a free download of a new piece of music created with similar algorithms to those in Reflection. This will be available to anyone who has purchased the app to date and will be available to download until 28th February.


Reflection is like having a tiny Brian Eno inside your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, endlessly remixing his latest creation, while your eyes are entertained by slowly shifting hypnotic digital paintings. Even after playing it for days, it doesn’t get old.

Craig Grannell

Never before have you been able to truly experience this type of music as the composer intended it... endlessly variable and endlessly interesting.

Kirk McElhearn Macworld

2017… I’m going need this.

Bob Boilen All Songs Considered, NPR